Gottman Endorsement of Darren Wilk and Lawrence Stoyanowski

To Whom it may concern,

This letter is written in support of Mr. Darren Wilk and Mr. Lawrence Stoyanowski. Both are Certified Gottman Therapists in excellent standing with The Gottman Institute (TGI).


Both Lawrence and Darren are TGI senior trainers. They are two of our thirteen Master Trainers worldwide.

As speakers and presenters their aim is to help facilitate, and inspire other clinicians to blend the Gottman Method into their practice and realize the benefits of this wonderful modality. They have presented numerous times in different Gottman trainings and workshops which include The Art and Science of Love Gottman Workshops (ASL) as well as teaching Level One and Two Gottman Method to other clinicians, and delivering presentations at the Annual Gottman Conference. Both Darren and Lawrence are also certified to train clinicians in Level Three of the Gottman Method. Their leadership roles and experience at The Gottman Institute includes being Certified Gottman Therapists, Certified Gottman ASL presenters, Level I & Level 2 & Level 3 Gottman Method Trainers, Gottman Media Consultants and ASL Presenter Trainers.

They are both strong presenters with great depth of knowledge, much experience and a wonderful sense of humor. Their evaluations from therapists and couples over the years have been stellar.

We do recommend them highly.

If I can be of assistance to you in any way, or if you are needing additional information please feel free to contact me at any time.

Alan Kunovsky
The Gottman Institute