Online Assessments

Extreme Marriage Makeover Challenge

This quiz is designed to measure a broad variety of relationship issues that are frequently addressed in marriage counselling.  The hope is that you will be challenged to move from a barely good enough marriage to a great one.

  • Take The Extreme Marriage Makeover Challenge
  • Relationship Personality Profile

    How many of you have wondered why your spouse cannot seem to change no matter how much pressure is exerted? Could it be that they are not wired that way and never will be? We are all born with certain traits and characteristics that embody who we are. These traits fall into four broad categories that have been measured for thousands of years. Find out the strengths and challenges that come with your personal blend of styles, likes and dislikes.

  • Take The Relationship Personality Profile
  • Emotional Abuse Questionnaires

    The following Questionnaires were designed by psychologists Waltz-Rushe-Gottman to help you evaluate the level of emotional abuse you may be experiencing.

  • Degradation subtest
  • Isolation subtest
  • Questionnaires for Clients Only

    The following package of tests and activities are for those presently in one of our marriage coaching programs.  Ask your coach/counsellor for the passwords.

    Section 1- New Clients only

    Please fill in all of the following assessments. Most of these will be scored automatically and sent to your counsellor’s confidential email box.

    1. Goals for new clients: This will provide you with the goals of our couples therapy.
    2. The Sound Marital house assessment: These questions are based on 30 years of research by John Gottman and provide the foundation for most of the sessions we will be having together.
    3. The Locke-Wallace Marital Adjustment Test: This test gives us a broad overview of how well you are doing in relation to a large sampling of marriages around the world.
    4. Weiss-Cerretto Martial Status Inventory
    5. The SCL-90: This test is helpful in evaluating you current mental status and helps us know what other areas may be impacting the relationship. This test is on an Excel spreadsheet which will need to be emailed back to as an attachment. If you are having trouble with it, make sure that you have saved a copy onto your computer, and send us that copy attached to an email as a file attachment.

    Section 2 – Activities  And Insights For Couples

    Please keep in mind that although the following activities are helpful on their own, they are designed to enhance on-going relationship counselling/coaching.

    Friendship and Intimacy Interventions
  • The Love Map Game: This activity is great for any couple who has “lost some of that loving feeling”. it is perfect to update your current knowledge of your partner and their world.
  • Five Magic Hours: Ever wonder how to create some exciting new patterns in your relationship? Read on and find out how you can change your week so that both of you are looking forward to getting home or staying there.
  • Fondness And Admiration In Seven Weeks! Change what you think of your partner in just 7 weeks.
  • Conflict Regulation Interventions
  • Learn to effectively discuss even the worst fights: Most of us get into arguments from time to time, unfortunately many times nothing is resolved and bitterness starts to set in. With this tool you can redo the argument and have the “conversation you wish you would have had” without fighting.
  • Assessment of Gridlocked Perpetual Issues
  • The Repair Checklist: Use this form to help you quickly repair a potential fight or keep your discussions on track.
  • The Four Horsemen that destroy Relationships: Most couples, even the great ones, use too much criticisms, blame, defensiveness, contempt, or stonewalling to get their point across. Most of the time these communication styles do more damage than good. Read on to discover a helpful antidote to these relationship killers.
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Gottman’s 17 Areas of Change Checklist: This is a great tool to help you know what you need to discuss to keep your relationship growing and thriving. These 17 areas are the most common issues facing marriages today according to Gottman’s research of over 3000 couples. This is also a helpful discussion guideline for those seeing a counsellor. Fill it out before coming to sessions and use it to keep track of commitments in each of the 17 areas.
  • Clean Sweep to deal with stress: This is one of the best tools We know of to completely clear your life of stressors and emotional drains.