What is Marriage Counselling like?

Most people that enjoy the movies or TV have scene the love interests of the movie go to their favourite therapist for help.  During these scenes you see couples experience everything from venting about each other to the therapists, to all out wars ending in disaster.  Many of these sessions are comic to watch but painful to imagine ‘yourself’ going to see a marriage shrink.  Our approach is so unlike what you have scene in the movies.  There rarely is much time spent with the couple just talking to each other and learning “nuts and bolts” skills in how to have a successful conversation about their sensitive issues.   Read more…

Because we believe that sometimes there is “more than meets the eye” to some relationship problems we also provide Individual counselling, Intense marathon marriage counselling for those who live out of town or less intense Couples workshops. For the proffesionals we offer Yearly trainings designed to improve your couples counselling skills and move closer to getting certified as a Gottman Therapist.